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Teen & Adult Singers Private 1 on 1 Singing Lessons in Kiama

We all know the best way to learn something is to find a coach. To model the greats and practice, practice, practice!

Our private singing classes are your best way to improve your singing technique and ability.

Our lessons all follow a similar format of:

Warming up through scales. Working on specific techniques and improvements as we do.

Then working on the fundamentals of posture, breath, support and tone.

Before working on your performance songs. Each term we have a different theme for the end of term performance and students pick a song to work on for the term.

Our school term is the same as NSW Schools (generally a 10 week term)


For Our Teen & Adult Singers We Offer Three Lesson Durations

Shower Singer

Minute Lesson

10 weeks x 45min lessons

45 minute singing lessons are an ideal lesson time to work on your technique to a deeper level. This will help you improve your singing at a faster pace. 

Lessons will focus on breath techniques, posture, scales and more complex songs to delve into. 

Backup Singer

Minute Lesson

10 weeks x 60min lessons

60 minute singing lessons are ideal for adults and can be a good duration for those who love a good sing and want to explore a number of different songs, techniques and have some fun!

Or if they have a project they are working towards.

Lead Vocalist

Minute Lesson

10 weeks x 90min lessons

90 minute singing lessons are for the die hard singer or professional singer. Usually working to a specific goal, audition or performance and needing that extra time to work in detail on a series of songs while perfecting your singing technique.

Our Current Year Timetable 

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In Kiama we will only be teaching on
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Start Your Singing Lessons Today With Your Very Own Copy Of Our Emma Deans Sings Vocal Warm Ups…

Developed in collaboration with world renowned vocalist Andrea Catzel, Emma Deans Sings Vocal Warmups is the perfect accompaniment to your Singing Classes. These scales are used at the beginning of every class at Emma Deans Sings Singing School and are recommended to be used as part of your daily practice.

These scales are designed to support singers of all ages and levels to develop the specific fundamental skills required to sing any song, expand your register and improve your tone.

Our Teacher in Kiama is Excited to Return Home…

Emma Deans

Our lead teacher and founder of Emma Deans Sings will be bringing her proven teaching method to Kiama.

Emma Deans grew up in Kiama and was part of the award winning vocal group at Kiama High School.

Becoming a nationally recognised performing artist and touring sold out shows across Australia. Emma has built a highly sort after and well renowned singing school in Rozelle, Sydney.

She is excited to be returning home to her old stomping ground to teach the new generation of Kiama vocal talent.

Who is Emma?

Seeking out the training to accompany her passion, Emma took private lessons throughout her teens, going to anyone who could teach her something new. The desire to share what she was learning soon became overwhelming, and she began giving her own classes from the age of 18, continuing to teach throughout her degree in performance at the University of Western Sydney. The techniques she absorbed during that time – including classical and music theatre technique, Alexander technique, forward technique, speech level singing, improvisation techniques and performance and anxiety training – enabled her to develop a distinctive style as a vocal coach, and develop a unique series of workshops, focused not just on how people sound, but on how we all “perform” in our everyday and working lives. As a result Emma has been asked to work closely with a range of organisations and initiatives, from large companies in the corporate sector to youth groups from disadvantaged backgrounds, combining her passion and expertise to achieve inspirational results, whether it be lifting profits and refining the skills of sales people or filling young hearts with fire and self-belief.

In 2005 a fun experiment with 3 of Emma’s friends from University led to the formation of an acapella group called “Kaya” for a TV talent audition. The all-girl group quickly became a national sensation, making it through to the final stages of the show (4th place on X Factor) and embarking on a series of sold out concerts across the country. Emma soon found herself living the life of a busy musician, with frequent appearances on ABC radio and collaborations with artists like Jimmy Cliff, Renee Geyer, Lior, John Butler and Human Nature. She has delivered shows in New York, including a showcase for The Lumiphonic Creature Choir at the Union Square pavilion in Manhattan. Released her debut album in 2013 under the band name “Daughter of Dynamite” and recently performed with The Lumiphonic Creature Choir at the Sydney Opera House.

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