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Junior Singers Private 1 on 1 Singing Lessons in Rozelle

We all know the best way to learn something is to find a coach. To model the greats and practice, practice, practice!

Our private singing classes are your best way to improve your singing technique and ability.

Our lessons all follow a similar format of:

Warming up through scales. Working on specific techniques and improvements as we do.

Then working on the fundamentals of posture, breath, support and tone.

Before working on your performance songs. Each term we have a different theme for the end of term performance and students pick a song to work on for the term.

Our school term is the same as NSW Schools (generally a 10 week term)


For Our Junior Singers We Offer Two Lesson Durations

Backup Singer

Minute Lesson

10 weeks x 30min lessons

30 minute singing lessons for a beginner consists of breath work, posture, scales to help with voice support of pitch and strength and expansion of range and working briefly on a song.

Once the technique develops the more time each lesson can be spent working on their songs for the performance.

Lead Vocalist

Minute Lesson

10 weeks x 45min lessons

45 minute singing lessons are an ideal lesson time to work on your technique to a deeper level. This will help you improve your singing at a faster pace. 

These longer singing lessons are great for highly driven and motivated singers or those working towards a musical or show that they are a part of.

Our Current Year Timetable 

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Start Your Singing Lessons Today With Your Very Own Copy Of Our Emma Deans Sings Vocal Warm Ups…

Developed in collaboration with world renowned vocalist Andrea Catzel, Emma Deans Sings Vocal Warmups is the perfect accompaniment to your Singing Classes. These scales are used at the beginning of every class at Emma Deans Sings Singing School and are recommended to be used as part of your daily practice.

These scales are designed specifically to support younger/ beginner singers to develop the specific fundamental skills required to sing any song, expand your register and improve your tone.

Our Teachers Are Excited to Work With Your Junior Singer!

All our teachers teach as they had that one special teacher who helped them come out of their shell and changed their lives giving them the confidence to express themselves through voice. We hope we can be that for you.


Emma Deans

Courtney Egginton

Ryan Collings

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Very excited for you and your junior singer to join us!




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